Pocket Museum: Ancient Egypt



Campbell Price
Thames & Hudson Ltd
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If all the portable artefacts of Ancient Egypt were in a single location, the lives of students, historians and connoisseurs would be immeasurably simpler – but the objects are scattered in museums and collections all over the world. This book brings together nearly 200 of the most significant artefacts, giving both context and immediacy to the rich culture of Ancient Egypt. From a 5000-year-old Predynastic pottery bowl adorned with model hippopotami, to a pair of sandals carefully woven from grass, reeds and papyrus, to a wooden sundial amulet of the early Roman period, this is a compelling and beautifully illustrated overview of three millennia of civilization on the banks of the Nile. Table of Contents: Introduction • Map • The Predynastic and Early Dynastic Periods (c. 5300–2700 BCE) • The Old Kingdom (c. 2700–2055 BCE) • The Middle Kingdom (c. 2055–1550 BCE) • The New Kingdom (1550–1069 BCE) • The Third Intermediate Period (c. 1069–747 BCE) • The Late Period (c. 747–30 BCE) • The Roman Period (c. 30 BCE–395 CE) • Glossary, Index, Museum Index


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