Dziedināšana Remedies



Rīgas Starptautiskā Biennāle biedrība
Latviešu un angļu valodās
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cietie vāki
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2111Dziedināšana Remedies (2018) is an artistic research project, materialised into the form of a book that reveals itself in three chapters – BIRTH, LIFE and SLEEP, touching upon the locally practiced and valued pirts culture, remedies, healing practices, charms and lullabies.

The first two chapters take a closer look on the ancient Latvian pirts ritual as a form of commonly shared healing remedy. Pirts is a cleansing space for the body, mind and spirit, similar to the Finnish sauna or Russian banya. It is the place where for centuries life has been welcomed into the world, the body – cured, and the vitality – strengthened. The book includes documentations of remedial practices, illustrations, photographs, and testimonies from those who still practice these authentic and sometimes mystic remedial traditions.


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