What Katy Did



Susan Coolidge
Alma Books
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An accidental fall from the swing seems to threaten Katy's hopes for the future, but she struggles to overcome her difficulties with good humour and vitality. This edition is beautifully illustrated by Susan Hellard and contains extra material for young readers and fun activities.

Katy, a twelve-year-old gangly tomboy, dreams of blossoming into a sophisticated young woman, capable of grand deeds and adventures. She is however prone to mischief, and leads her six siblings into various scrapes, much to the annoyance of her kindly father and domineering aunt. Her life is turned upside down by a terrible accident, which leaves her a bedridden invalid. Now she is forced to learn the virtues of patience, sacrifice and hopefulness, as she comes to terms with her disability.

A heart-warming tale that has become a children's classic since its publication in 1872, Susan Coolidge's What Katy Did is a lesson in the value of good humour and perseverance against the odds for young readers. Beautifully illustrated by Susan Hellard, this is a poignant and timeless story that every child should read.


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