Stormchasing : On the Hunt for Thunderstorms



Michael Sachweh
Delius, Klasing & Co
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Brilliant, vivid pictures of the power and stunning beauty of thunderstorms, hailstorms and tornados Features clear explanations of extreme weather phenomenon and numerous tips for finding and documenting severe weather Foreward by Professor Howard Bluestein. Stormchasing: On the Hunt for Thunderstorms' magnificent pictures tell the story of an unusual passion: storm chasing. Storm chasers are weather experts, photographers, and film-makers who fell for the fascination of unusual experiences of nature. You will find these extreme weather pilgrims worldwide in places where thunder and lightning, hail and whirlwinds come together. Every year, in spring and summer, storm chasers from all over the world meet in the Great Plains to chase thunderstorms, document them and give reports. But chasing is becoming more and more popular in European regions that are often affected by thunderstorms. Impressive close-up pictures show the enormous force and stunning beauty of extraordinary weather phenomenon. Subjects of the illustrated chapters range from the splendor of cloud shapes and sky colors to the fascination of lightning to the force of cloudburst and hailstorm. An extra chapter deals with deadly tornadoes. The next part of the book, which is also generously illustrated, offers ample background information on storm chasing. An excerpt from a storm chaser diary takes the reader along to an exciting storm chase. A severe weather expert describes how to prepare for a storm chase, and a severe weather photographer gives tips for perfect pictures. In addition, readers find extensive information on the formation of thunderclouds, large hailstones and tornadoes in the USA. This part of the book is rounded off by tips for books, films and websites about the international storm chaser scene. Text in English and German.


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