Photography Inc : Your Image is Our Business



Tamara Berghmans, Sandra Janssens
ACC Art Books
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Photography Inc., is the comprehensive catalogue based on the FotoMuseum's Autumn exhibition with the same name, in Antwerp. The book charts the history of photography, from the perspective of the photography industry, with pictures, cameras and albums from the FoMu collection.

Since the 19th century, photography has evolved from a luxury article to a mass-produced article. That development is what Photography Inc. illustrates. Photography continually needs to become faster, simpler, and cheaper, which has far-reaching consequences - both from an aesthetic point of view and from a social one. This book focuses on a number of milestones in the history of photography, and upon the influence companies such as Gevaert, Agfa, Kodak, Polaroid etc. have had on the approach of both amateur and professional photographers.

Text in English and Dutch.


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